terms and conditions
(updated 15/4/2021)

1. Cancellations
One off Cancellations

If you need to cancel your clean with less than 24 hours’ notice then unfortunately, we will still have to charge 100% for the slot, any other cancellations 50% of the cost of the clean(s) apply for however many weeks are cancelled (up to a maximum of 4).


Cancellation of Multiple Cleans

If more than 4 cleans are cancelled in a row then a contract termination notice period of 1 week will be given.

However, if we go into a national lockdown again, or, you are asked to shield in the future due to Covid-19 then again, a retaining fee of 50% will apply to keep the slot open for you for however long the lockdown lasts. If this is not possible then we may have to fill your slot, please contact us if you have financial difficulties or are out of work and we can discuss this.

Cancellation of the Service

If you decide you no longer require the service of Roseland helping Hands the following rules apply –

If you have been with us less than 1 month then 2 weeks’ notice is needed and 100% of cleans are charged

If you have been with us over a month then 4 weeks’ notice is needed and 100% of cleans are charged.


2. Complaints

Please let us know within 24 hours of any complaints arising. If it is to do with the cleaning standard, we will discuss this and, if needed, rectify this for you by returning to the property, please send photos via email. If the complaint is with a specific member of staff then please let us know the nature of the complaint either by calling Meg on 07773444164 or emailing enquiries@roselandhelpinghands.co.uk, alternatively go to the website and fill in the contact form at www.roselandhelpinghands.co.uk.

3. Keys

We are happy to keep a key for you, for us to come and clean your property, however if you choose to leave a key under the mat or leave a door open instead then no responsibility will be taken if any one breaks in or any damage occurs due to this.


4. Hazards

Where possible an empty house is a much safer house to clean due to potential trip hazards of hoover wires, wet mopped floors etc. If you would like us to leave a yellow sign at your home whilst we are cleaning to warn people in the home that cleaning is in progress then please let us know and we can purchase one on your behalf and we can leave this out whilst cleaning and also when we leave (for you to put away once floors are dry as normally the last thing we do before leaving is mop the floor). If you do not want a sign out and there are people in the house then this is at your own risk and no responsibility will be taken.

5. Pets

We will only come to a house with pets if the pets are friendly. If the pet is aggressive in any way, then we will not be able to clean the property.


One off cleans, including end of tenancy cleans, will need payment on the day of the clean.

Regular cleans will be invoiced at the end of each month and the invoice emailed to you, payments to be made within 7 days please.  How to pay will be on the invoice. BACCS payment is the preferred payment, no cash to be given to members of staff. If cash is your preferred method, then please discuss this with Meg when you have read the terms and conditions.

If no payment is received, we may not be able to return to clean until full payment has been received (missed cleans due to no payment will still be charged)

Life happens and if you experience financial difficulty and you are unable to make your payment then please let us know asap so we can discuss this.

7.Cleaning Products and Equipment

We bring our own cleaning products, cloths and equipment to use at your property at no extra charge. If you do not want us to use products containing bleach, e.g., if you have a septic tank, then please let us know asap

If you prefer us to use your own products, cloths and equipment, we will give you a list of types of products and equipment needed and you must keep them somewhere where your cleaner can easily get to them. Please ensure no cloths are washed with fabric softener as this will leave surfaces streaky. If we use your products, cloths or equipment and damage occurs due to this then no responsibility is taken, we have used our own products for many years and they have been tried and tested.

8.Tidying vs Cleaning

If you have a regular clean slot just a quick reminder your time slot is fixed, washing dirty dishes, and tidying up are not factored in when booking your time slot, unless you have asked this from the start. If we get to a property and we have to wash a sink full of dishes or tidy up before we start to clean then this is fine and we will do this, however, you will have to understand this takes time off the agreed cleaning time and therefore some areas in the home maybe missed that week to compensate for having to tidy. If you feel you want extra time for tidying and washing dirty dishes so the whole house gets cleaned then we can discuss this.

   9.Staff, Sickness and Holiday Cover

Each customer should be given their own cleaner. Each member of staff is entitled to holiday which we try and work out at the beginning of the year so we can try and cover each other, if possible. Where this is not possible, due to staff shortage then if you are a weekly customer, you will miss a week (so there will be a 2-week gap between your clean that week), if you are a fortnightly customer again you will miss a week (and your clean will have a 3-week gap). We are hoping in the future to have enough staff to cover holiday and sickness but as the business is only just expanding this may not always be possible. If you don’t want your clean covered by another cleaner if they are off then again, please let us know when you read these terms and conditions.

  10. Sickness, diarrhoea or contagious illnesses including Covid-19

If anyone in your household has had any of the following:

Sickness and diarrhoea (in the last 48 hours)

Covid-19 symptoms but not tested - Temperature, loss of taste or smell, continuous cough (we can’t come to your property for 10 days)

Covid -19 symptoms – with a positive test. We can’t come to your property for 10 days after the first symptom but a negative test will be needed before we can return.

Any other contagious illness…

Then we will not be able to enter the property.

If cancelling on the day please call Meg on 07773444164 as we may miss emails or texts, normal cancellation fees apply.


11. Private arrangements between you and our staff

Your cleaning contract is between yourself and Roseland Helping Hands. No private arrangements for cleaning or extra jobs can be made between you and your cleaner. If you ask your cleaner to work with you as a private arrangement then your contract will be terminated and a fee will be charged (1 months cleaning charges). Members of staff are not allowed to work with any customer/previous customer as a private agreement either when working for Roseland helping Hands or if now a former employee, for 6 months after leaving unless agreed by 

Megan Beel "Roseland Helping Hands".


Due to the nature of the business and the need to carry heavy equipment to your property then there must be parking outside, or very close to the property. If we have to park in a car park then this will need to be discussed before the clean commences. Any car park charges will be added on to your invoice on top of agreed cleaning charges agreed. If the time taken to find a parking space is more than 5 minutes then this time is taken off the allocated cleaning time and the clean may be slightly shorter due to this. If there are no parking spaces anywhere near the property and this is a regular occurrence then we may have to stop cleaning for you.


If it has been agreed that we empty the bins at each visit please ensure all bins have bin liners in, without bin liners in the bins we will not be emptying bins. Please show your cleaner where new bin bags are kept.